Center for the Moving Image Oral History Collection: Heather Petrocelli InterviewsMartha Gies

for the Portland State Library, July 8, 2011

Heather Petrocelli on her project:

"From 1969 through 1982, Oregon's first film department, the Center for the Moving Image (CMI) at Portland State University, educated students, teachers, and community members to both read and write in the language of film. Although CMI's two key figures, Andries Deinum and Thomas Taylor III, are no longer living, a number of their friends and students continue to be a vital part of the thriving film community in Portland.

Starting in 2011, I  interviewed ten people involved with CMI to create the Center for the Moving Image Oral History Collection. The interviews place the organization in the specific historical context of Portland in the 1960s and 1970s." 

To learn more about Andries Deinum and his Center for the Moving Image, see Heather O. Petrocelli's Master's thesis: "Refugee from Occupied Hollywood: Andries Deinum, his Center for the Moving Image, and Film Education in the United States."

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