Oregon writer Martha Gies began publishing nonfiction in the mid-seventies and later studied fiction with Raymond Carver at two Centrum summer workshops.  Her short stories and literary essays appear widely in literary quarterlies, including Gettysburg Review, Orion, The Sun, and Zyzzyva, and in various anthologies. 

In 2004, Oregon State University Press published Up All Night, her portrait of Portland told through the stories of 23 people who work graveyard shift. Gies has received grants and awards from PEN, Regional Arts & Culture Council and Oregon Literary Arts, and has taught creative writing for 27 years. Currently, she teaches at Traveler’s Mind, an annual writing workshop abroad, as well as two classes a year in Portland, Oregon where she lives. She is an activist for low-income housing and for human rights. 

Photo: Owen Carey

Photo: Owen Carey


  • Teaching Writing, Developing Workshops (Fiction, Essay, Travel, Memoir)

  • Maintaining Low-Income Housing in Portland Oregon

  • Social History of Northeast Portland's Eliot Neighborhood

  • Oral Histories

  • Portland chapter, Black Panther Party

  • Human Rights

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